What's Your New Year's Eve Tradition

What’s Your New Year’s Eve Tradition?

Are you a New Year’s Eve partier or a stay-at-home-and-watch-the-ball-drop kind of person?

Do you look forward to New Year’s Eve or just the holiday–and the football–on New Year’s Day?

I have to confess; I’m pretty much a homebody when it comes to New Year’s Eve. We’ve had evenings with friends over the years, but when our kids were little, good babysitters were hard to come by and now that they are teens, we need to be available to carpool to or from the New Year’s Eve dance at church.

We have developed a few family traditions over the years when we were all home together.

At our house, New Year’s Eve is “no rules” night. It’s the one night of the year everyone can eat whatever they want, stay up as late as they want, watch as many movies as they want and play as many video games as they want.

I think the menu has become the biggest deal at our house. It’s the one time of year that I will make home made potato chips, and the kids all get to pick their favorite snack/junk foods, along with soda, which I don’t ever buy. Even though my youngest kids are teenagers now and prefer to spend most of their evening at the church dance with all their friends, they still look forward to “no rules” night and having all the goodies before they head out to party.

And in case you’re looking for some fun New Year’s Trivia to liven up your “no rules” night, here’s a fun infographic that entertained everyone at our house.

Do you have your red underwear ready?

 Fun Facts about New Year Celebration

by infographicdesignteam.
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What do you do to celebrate New Year’s Eve at your house?

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