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Do you love finding tips, tricks, shortcuts and projects that will spark your creativity and improve your home and your life?

We do, so this website is all about finding and sharing ideas to help you—and me—make the most of our time and our lives. We’re Chris and Marie Leslie and we’re so glad you’re here.

We love learning and we love teaching—so here we are on our website where we can share our experiences with you. We’re all about real life, real success, real projects and real fun, and finding ways to create the life and the result we want, without giving up ourselves and what’s important to us.

We’ve been married nearly 40 years and we have four great kids.  We’ve also owned a succession of fixer-uppers that ranged from needing a fresh coat of paint and a little TLC to complete gut jobs. As a result, we’ve learned a lot about organizing, remodeling, decorating, and what it takes to make a house a home.

Our professional lives have been just as varied. Marie began her first entrepreneurial venture when she was 13 and she’s never looked back. Marie ran three different businesses during her high school years, opened a photography studio in college that we ran for more than 30 years (she still loves photography), and she became a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in national publications. As a result of all that Marie has learned during her entrepreneurial adventures, she teaches workshops on starting and growing your own home-based business, and on home and business organizing.

Chris started his career in IT, and then went on to combine his IT and plumbing knowledge (his first job after high school) into a career in the water treatment industry. He spent 36 years in public and private, large and small water utilities. He worked his way up from a field technician to the pumping superintendent. Along the way, he became expert in water treatment and delivery, water usage, and business management. During that time he also worked in our photography business, and learned web design. He recently retired from the water industry to join Marie in the family business.

And now we’d love to learn about you. If you have any questions for us, suggestions for a blog post or you just want to give us some feedback and help us get to know you, message us here.