Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me

“Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me” –a Modern Twist on Cinderella

Enjoy This Modern Twist on the Cinderella Story

Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me Review:

Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me

Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me by Julie Wright is another fun, modern twist on a classic tale. Ms. Wright’s previous entries in this category are Lies, Love, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Lies Jane Austen Told Me

This time around it’s a re-imagining of the Cinderella story. Ordinary eye wear copywriter Charlotte dreams of being a published author but her life is littered with rejection slips. What writer hasn’t felt that story? After a while, getting published can feel like a fairy tale.

Charlotte is an entirely relatable character. Julie does a good job of bringing her characters to life. She’s also good at keeping readers guessing. This story was anything but predictable. Charlotte is so much more than an aspiring author. We get to meet and see her interact with her family, with her neighbors, with the book team, and with Anders. And we get to see her struggle to reconcile the real Charlotte, aka Lettie, with Char the hip, trendy, stylish author.

Charlotte wrestles with many challenges throughout the book, and those challenges aren’t so dissimilar from our every day lives as we might want to think. Who is the real you? How do you reveal yourself to the world? Are you the same person online, professionally, and in person?

Charlotte’s romance was a tad on the tepid side. While it’s nice to read books whose sole focus isn’t a romantic relationship, a little more interaction between the two could have definitely added another element of interest to the story.

Overall, though, it was an excellent story of learning to figure out the real you, and how to navigate your own desires with the expectations of others, especially in the professional world.

If you’re a Julie Wright fan, or if you’re a fan of fairy tales, or just fun stories about modern young women, you’ll enjoy Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me.

Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me Synopsis:

Can the fairy tale bring Charlotte the happiness she’s looking for, or was he always there to begin with?
A modern, reimagined Cinderella story.
When aspiring author Charlotte Kingsley finally gets published, she thinks all her dreams have come true. But the trouble begins when her publicity firm reinvents her quirky online presence into a perfectly curated dream life. Gone are the days of sweatpant posts and ice cream binges with her best friend, Anders, replaced instead with beautiful clothes, orchestrated selfies, and no boyfriend. Only, that carefully curated fairy tale life is ruining her self-esteem and making her feel like a fraud.

When a bestselling author takes Charlotte under her wing—almost like a fairy godmother—she helps Charlotte see the beautiful person she already is and the worth of being authentic. But is it too late to save her relationship with Anders? The clock is quickly ticking towards midnight, and Charlotte must decide between her fairy tale life and the man she loves, before he’s gone forever.

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Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me by Julie Wright is available from in paperback, Kindle and Audio CD.

Glass Slippers, Ever After, and Me by Julie Wright is available from

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