Diamond Rings are Deadly Things

Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things — Book Review

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things

Who knew? Diamond rings are Deadly Things. Well, maybe they are and maybe they’re not, but that’s the title of the first book in Rachelle J. Christensen’s new Wedding Planner Mystery series. You’ll have to read it to find out.

And, well, being a wedding junkie (photographing weddings for 30 years will do that to you) and an aficionado of mysteries, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this book.

And I was right.

First, a quick little synopsis. Our heroine is Adrielle Pyper, who has recently relocated to beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho, and opened a wedding planning business after a disastrous wedding tragedy in San Francisco.

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things Review

Things are looking up for Adri. She’s landed two celebrity clients and her business seems to be headed down the road to success—until someone vandalizes a shipment of expensive specialty wedding dresses she’s imported. And then the race is on as Adri tries to unravel the secrets hidden in her dresses without unraveling her business and her life.

This was an entertaining and engaging story. The characters were well-rounded and likeable, so they felt like “real” people. They had just enough quirkiness to make them fun and interesting. There was a little romance, but it didn’t feel like a romance novel—just enough to give the story some added interest—and it actually added to the intrigue. And, of course, there was a whole lot of suspense and intrigue. I give it thumbs up, because I didn’t figure out the mystery until the end of the book. When I read mysteries, I am often analyzing things to see if I can figure out where the story is going and how it’s going to turn out. I admit I am often disappointed if I figure it out too early on—or if the ending feels contrived or stilted. This book didn’t suffer from any of those problems.

If you’re looking for a light and fun read this summer, this book should definitely go on your list.

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