“A Sacred Christmas” Will Put You in the Christmas Spirit

“A Sacred Christmas” Will Put You in the Christmas Spirit

A Sacred Christmas by Garth Smith

Christmas is less than a month away. That could be good news or bad news, depending on what you focus on. For me, it’s good news. This means it’s time to start baking, time to do a little holiday shopping, and time to break out the Christmas music.

I am one of those people who would listen to Christmas music all year long if I could get away with it. Unfortunately, there are some Grinches in the world (and at my house) who think you can only listen to Christmas Music from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Day. Bah, humbug.

If those Grinches were to listen to Garth Smith’s album, A Sacred Christmas, I am pretty sure they would change their minds about that. This beautiful and peaceful album of Christmas piano favorites will put even the Scrooges among us in the Christmas spirit. His original arrangements of familiar and traditional carols, some with vocal guests, are both uplifting and soothing. Listening to this album—I’ve already done it several times and it’s not Thanksgiving yet!—instantly lifts my mood and my spirit and makes me look forward to the holiday.

Music is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. My listening library contains nearly 1600 different Christmas songs, and once the season begins, I play them all day long. You can be sure A Sacred Christmas will be high on that list this year. For a little preview, here are a pair of video releases from the album.

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A Sacred Christmas by Garth Smith features 11 original piano arrangements for Christmas and features guest artists such as Calee Reed, Michael Dowdle, Melinda Call, Mattie June Millward, and Lauren Sullivan. You can purchase this in CD format through Garth’s website here, or you can purchase the MP3 album via Amazon.com.

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