Creative Photography Fun in Winter

my winter view

I woke up to winter this morning. Christmas brought us our first good snowfall of the winter. And since today is sort of a holiday, it’s the perfect time for me to go out and have a little creative photography fun in the snow.

I’m not necessarily a fan of being cold, but I love the winter and snow makes everything so beautiful. I love winter photography and the uniqueness of the landscape. So, instead of spending today writing, the camera and I are heading out. But I don’t want to leave you unprepared, so I’m sharing with you four of my favorite posts about winter photography.

This first one is a must-read before you go. 10 Tips for Winter Photography Fun will help you get started as well as stay safe. There are some important safety considerations for both you and your camera if you really want to enjoy the winter weather.

Next up is Creative Photography in Ice and Snow. This post is intended to spark your creativity. Things look different under a layer of winter so you want to look at them a little differently. Take advantage of the light, reflections and patterns created by winter weather for some uniquely creative photographs.

The Changing Seasons is a similar post. All of these photographs were taken on a walk around my neighborhood. You don’t have to travel far for beautiful, creative winter photographs. Take a fresh look at your surroundings and let your creativity fly.

And finally, Winter Photography in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rocky Mountain is my favorite park in any season, but last winter I was blessed to spend a few days on a photography outing in the park–and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Now, it’s your turn. Bundle up, gather up your camera gear and head out into the winter for some creative photography fun.

Happy Shooting!



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