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When I am not out making photographs, I am often at my computer getting inspired by the work of other photographers. When it comes to photography on the internet, you can find just about anything. There is some really awesome art out there–and there’s some that’s really awful. In the interest of good manners (and because I don’t believe in trashing other people’s work), I’ll skip the awful and share with you some of my favorite really awesome sites today.

These are a few of my favorite photography websites. From them, I’ve learned new techniques, I’ve been motivated to go out and see things differently, and I’ve been inspired to up my game. I could actually make this post a lot longer than it is, but we’ll save that for another day.


Stuck In Customs


Stuck in Customs is the website of Trey Ratcliff. Trey is probably one of the most amazing photographers ever. His photography makes me want to pack my backpack and become a vagabond photographer, traveling the world in search of amazing things to photograph. Of course, not everything he photographs is amazing–but his photography certainly transforms it. I have passed many an hour–when I should have working–traveling around the world on Trey’s website.



500px is a photography community that touts itself as the place for “discovering, sharing, buying and selling inspiring photography powered by creative people worldwide.” So far, it seems pretty spot on. While I haven’t bought or sold on their site I have definitely discovered some inspiring photography.


Rarindra Prakarsa

Rarindra Prakarsa

Rarindra Prakarsa is a photographer in Indonesia according to his Google+ profile. Beyond that I have no idea who he is but he has some of the most beautiful storytelling portraits I have ever seen. His landscapes are also amazing. If that’s what Indonesia looks like, please book my camera and me on the next flight. The lighting is amazing as is the composition. They feel like such a slice of life. And yes, I realize that most of life in Indonesia is probably nothing like his photographs. But isn’t that how it is with most art?


Scott Jarvie

JarvieDigital Photography

I first came across Scott Jarvie at the beginning of his Faith in America project. Scott’s been spending the last year or so traveling around America creating beautiful photographs of churches, temples and other sacred buildings. Not only are the images from his Faith in America project uplifting and inspiring, but his other photography is just as beautiful.


Dave Morrow

Dave Morrow makes the most amazing nightscapes I have ever seen. His daytime photography is equally stunning. If you want to learn how to create beautiful star photographs, visit Dave’s site and follow his tutorials. He also does star photography workshops. Sounds like my kind of field trip. Go visit his site and see if you aren’t inspired to miss a night’s sleep for a shot at some incredible photographs.


Dear Photograph


Dear Photograph is a little different than the other sites. It’s not so much about great photography, but about what I believe to be one of the highest purposes of photography–preserving our stories. On Dear Photograph people go back to places from their personal history and take a new photograph with an old photograph. If that sounds confusing, just go visit the site and you’ll get it.  I love it. I am sure you will too.

Do you have any favorite photography sites? Please share them with me in the comment section. And by the way, not to appear too self-serving, but you can check out my photography by clicking here to visit my photo site..

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