8 Beautiful Photography Sites to Inspire Creativity

When I can’t get out with my camera–or when I’m thinking about new projects–I like to surf around and get inspired.

I enjoy studying the work of other photographers. Not only does beautiful photography make me happy, it inspires me creatively. I get ideas for looking at things in new ways. I learn composition, lighting, view, and angle from their photography. As much as I enjoy workshops and more formal study, I learn as much or more by studying the work of other artists, and then going out and experimenting.

Today I am sharing eight of my favorite beautiful photography sites that are some of my go-to’s when I need inspiration. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do–and get a little inspired in the process. Click on their names and their websites will open in a new window.

Scott Gomer Creek at Guanella Pass

Enjoy some of my favorite beautiful photography sites.


This cool site bills itself as “take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.” My favorite kind of photographs–the kind that tell stories and come with stories. You gotta check this one out. Just remember, I am NOT responsible for all the time that flies by when you get sucked in like I did. And the stories are just as sweet and touching as the pictures that inspire them.


I love mountains. I love stars. And I love stunning imaginative photography. Apparently, Cath Simard does too, and she is way better at it than I am. Travel the world–and the world of imagination–with her composites created through days and weeks of wilderness adventuring and computer artistry. Cath Simard travels to places most of us might only dream of, and then she transforms them into dream-like pieces of art.


Twenty-first century photography is as much about the editing as it is about the shooting. Never has creating photography been a more apt description of what photographers do. Ted calls his work “imagery,” not photography, and it’s imagery you’ll want to see. His ethereal images could have been taken on far away exotic planets, but the cool part is, they’re from this world–and Ted Gore’s imagination.


In addition to being a photographer, I am also a foodie. I love cooking, I love creating, I love photographing food. Photographing someone else\’s art and capturing their creative vision is a challenge. Dominic Davies definitely rises to the challenge. His food photography definitely creates art from food.


If Daniel Kordan’s photography doesn’t inspire you to travel, I’m not sure anything would. His Antarctica photography is amazing. And you could even travel with him and get more inspired.


I love the web. I stumbled on Aaron Reed’s site and now I just have to keep going back and admiring all his work. Landscapes and nature in an explosion of color and texture and pattern make this one of the beautiful photography sites to linger on and explore. Does it make anyone else want to pack their camera and hit the road?


Another gift from the World Wide Web. Erik Johansson is a Swedish photo retoucher who is definitely a Photoshop wizard. I love finding what I’m not expecting. Every image is a surreal surprise, and surreal is definitely the correct adjective here.


And, last but not least–wildlife photography. The Alaskan wilderness has long been on my photographic bucket list and it’s clear why this is one of the beautiful photography sites that inspire me. I’m ready to go to Alaska now. I can be packed in an hour.


Sweet tooth forever is a food photography site. Well, really it’s an Instagram account. But the photographs they make of sweets and treats are so much fun, and so mouth-watering, I had to share it anyway.

Do you have a favorite beautiful photography site? Share it in the comments, even if it’s yours.

Just make sure it’s a family-friendly site, please.

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    1. Marie Leslie says:

      You are welcome!

  1. Nice list Marie. Good to know because the more I see inspired photos the more I snap fun photos abroad. Being around creativity keeps us more creative. Where your attention and energy goes, grows.


    1. Marie Leslie says:

      Thanks, Ryan. I agree. Creativity definitely breeds creativity.