Six Sisters’ Stuff Cookbook Review and Giveaway

A Year with Six Sisters’ Stuff Cookbook #Review

I love cookbooks. I love cooking, but I might love cookbooks even more. At last count, I had more than 100 on my special cookbook bookshelf. It’s a mix of old and new (I have a serious soft spot for vintage cookbooks). A favorite addition to my collection is A Year with Six Sisters’ Stuff. Say that three times fast.

About A Year with Six Sisters’ Stuff

Six Sisters’ Stuff Cookbook Review

This fun book, full of mouth-watering pictures AND mouth-watering recipes has a menu plan for every week of the year, along with the recipes (of course!), some creative crafts and traditions you can incorporate into your family celebrations.

It arrived in my mailbox during menu-planning week. So I immediately began perusing the pages to see what delightful dishes I could add to next month’s menu. I was feeding a hungry horde in there a couple of weeks ago, so I picked “Pork Chop & Hash Brown Casserole” along with “Nut and Berry Salad” to serve my dinner guests.

Everyone gave two thumbs up to the casserole, but the salad was apparently the bigger hit. I made extra salad, thinking I would have some left for my lunch the next day, but no such luck. It was such a hit that I made again the next week when all my kids were home for a Sunday family dinner. I must confess, that this time I cut the amount of sugar in the salad dressing by about half (I am not a big sugar lover, even though I love to make sweets and treats). And I found it every bit as delicious as the original recipe (you all do know that I have trouble sticking to those recipes, right?).

Next on our menu we made the oddly named “Baked Crispy Chicken Parmesan.” I say oddly, because the recipe calls for mozzarella, not Parmesan. Nevertheless, this recipe was an even bigger hit than the Pork Chops. I have already been advised that it will make another appearance on next month’s menu.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made any desserts yet, but there are a few on my list and then there’s this dessert auction at church next month. . . .

Are you hungry yet?

If you like to cook, but not so much have to plan menus, you will LOVE this book. Each menu includes an entree, a side dish and a dessert. One of the things I like best about this cookbook is that not only are the recipes delicious, they are equally uncomplicated, made with ingredients readily found in any family cook’s pantry. And each recipe is accompanied by a personal note from one of the Six Sisters (yes, there really are six and, yes, they really are sisters).

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