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Gonzo Capitalism: A Thought-Provoking Guide to the New Rules of Money

Gonzo Capitalism Publisher’s Summary

The traditional ways of earning a living are outdated, if not outright rigged. That’s why a growing number of enterprising individuals are instead turning to the growing ecosystem of decentralized, fast-moving virtual markets to pursue a host of previously unheard-of ways to pay the bills.
Join New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau on a fascinating tour of this brave new world where novelty is currency, and the creators are in control. Along the way, you’ll meet a colorful cast of renegades who are driving this money revolution, including:

  • A teenager who earned more than $400,000 helping indecisive parents pick the perfect name for their newborn child
  • The armchair pundits and pop culture enthusiasts making hundreds of dollars a day betting on everything from local elections to who will be next to be voted off Love Island via online “prediction markets”.
  • A broke 29-year-old who bartered her way from a hairpin to a new house—twice—while gaining internet fame in the process.
  • The gamers racking up digital currency by breeding virtual crabs in the metaverse.
  • A remote worker who collects two six-figure salaries from simultaneously working two different jobs.

Gonzo Capitalism is your field guide to the new rules of money, where any and everything is for sale. In it, you’ll learn how to capitalize on today’s technology and platforms to turn your time, talents, and creativity into income—on your own terms.

Gonzo Capitalism Review

Gonzo Capitalism by Chris Guillebeau cover

This newest book from Chris Guillebeau is a little bit different than some of his earlier titles. It’s just as thought-provoking and engaging, just a little different take. He starts out describing the myriad of changes in the way our economy works over the past several years. And then he also talks about the changes in how we work and how we make money.

He gives several examples of this, including some of his own forays into this changing world of work. These include things like some unusual betting opportunities and testing out cryptocurrency models. Chris also explores others with some unusual “career practices” like working multiple jobs simultaneously, video gaming for pay, online influencers, and other creative pursuits.

He concludes with some interesting thoughts on capitalism, debt, and risk. One of my favorite sections was called “Stop Trying to Take It with You.” That may be because I’ve had that conversation with more than a few people lately, and wondered (occasionally out loud) why they were denying themselves some comforts that could have improved life quality in favor of a fat bank account.

If this book doesn’t get you thinking about how the world, and the world of work, are changing, you need to read it again. Since I read it quickly the first time around, I’ll be reading again with my highlighter in hand. And then my hubby will read it so we can discuss it together.

I recommend Gonzo Capitalism for anyone who wants a better handle on this rapidly-changing economy we live in.

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About the Author

Chris Guillebeau is an author and traveler, as well as host of the popular daily podcast Side Hustle School. I first discovered Chris Guillebeau at my public library when I checked out one of his earlier books, The $100 Startup. I recommend it too, as I do all his books, which I’ve since read. They’re essential if you’re looking to start a business, or side hustle. I’ve done both over the years and found his information to be invaluable. If you want to learn more about this innovative entrepreneur, visit his website at chrisguillebeau.com.

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