Wildlife Photography Should Be Easy

Wildlife Photography Should Be Easy–The Butt Post

I love photography. And I love the outdoors. So, it stands to reason that at least occasionally throughout my career, I would turn my photographic attention to the residents of the great outdoors. After all, wildlife photography is one of the most challenging–and rewarding–genres of photography. There’s nothing like seeing these beautiful creatures out in their natural habitat, and then getting to make a photograph to share and enjoy.

Unfortunately, they aren’t always so interested in being the subject of photo documentaries.

All too often, it seems that I’ve been sitting in that spot since way before the crack of dawn when I finally spot my quarry–and they are amazing. And just as I push the button, they turn tail and, yep, you got it, I have a first-class portrait of the backside of Yogi Bear.

bear butt yellowstone

It’s happened more times than I can count. So many, that eventually I ended up with a whole folder full of animal backsides.

And my kids think they are the most fun pictures ever.

One day, one of them asked me when I was going to use them in a blog post.

They started bugging me on a regular basis. “Mom, when are you going to do the Butt Post?”

Well, the big day is finally here.

Another day I’ll post some animal front sides, but today is all about their backsides.

have plenty of great wildlife shots. I even have some great tips for how to photograph wildlife. 

But to get the kids off my back–and to hopefully lighten your day and make you smile–here is

The Butt Post.

We found this Mama Moose happily munching away in the lily pond. Baby moose is just out of the picture to the right (they were too far apart to be in the same photograph). But darn, if she didn’t take one look at me and the long lens and promptly turn her back end to me–and stay that way all through lunch. In all fairness, the trail went all the way around the pond and, technically, I could have hiked around to her front. But to get there, I would have had to cross paths with Baby Moose and, well, Mama Moose aren’t any happier about people messing with their babies than Mama Bears are. So I didn’t.




I really think this was planned. I mean, what are the odds that all three ravens would decide to turn their back on me at once? I’m beginning to think they don’t like me.

Really, though, I took this picture because it reminded me of a story I had to read in college called “Tres Cuervos Vivos.”




We went to Yellowstone this summer. Photographing wildlife is one of the most fun parts of exploring Yellowstone. It’s almost impossible NOT to photograph wildlife. They’re everywhere. They walk down the middle of the road. They decide to nap on the trails. They graze along the roadsides and create endless traffic jams.


 Buffalo, Bison, Moose, Wolves, Coyotes, Osprey, Bears, Eagles, Deer, Squirrels, Elk.

Wait. Hold on. I did not come to Yellowstone to photograph elk. I can go up to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park anytime to photograph elk–and we do it pretty frequently.

But then we saw this awesome buck and I was going to get a great close-up.

Apparently he heard I wasn’t planning on photographing elk at Yellowstone. Sheesh.



You can always count on the monkeys to be uncooperative. I’m not sure this wasn’t his best side, little stinker.


This koala apparently didn’t want company. He just wouldn’t turn around for anyone. An occasional glance over the shoulder was all he was willing to go for.


Do you think they practice the butt pose?



It’s really sad when you can’t even get your own pets to cooperate. We tried bribing him with food, but he just snatched it up and promptly turned around to snack.


I know, this is how I feel about it too. Good thing we’re at the end.


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