Renew Your Soul with Say Love from Hilary Weeks

Say Love by Hilary Weeks

Say Love is the latest album from amazing Christian artist Hilary Weeks. Filled with beautiful and uplifting songs both penned and performed by Hilary, this collection has quickly become a must-listen in my music library. Today, we are privileged to have Hilary share some thoughts with us on writing the songs for Say Love. I especially love her thoughts as I recently read (and reviewed) a book by S. Michael Wilcox that teaches about this very subject. If you’re interested, you can read the review here.

In Hilary’s words:

At a Time Out for Women earlier this Spring I learned about “pouring out.”  Not pouring out the milk in the cereal bowl before you wash it.  I’m not referring to pouring the last drop of orange juice into the sippy cup for your toddler.  It is the “pouring out” that S. Michael Wilcox talked about at Time Out – the pouring out of our heart and soul to God.  It is crying, praying, complaining, expressing anything and everything that is in our wounded and hurting soul to a loving and listening Heavenly Father.


So He can pour back in.

I love the line in the hymn I Know That My Redeemer Lives that says, “He lives to hear my soul’s complaint.”

Recently while writing the songs for the Say Love CD, I reached a point when I needed to pour out.  I couldn’t take it any more.  The writing was so hard. The songs were coming so slow.  I could walk to Georgia faster than I could write a song.  I had grown weary of the process and wanted to give up.  Instead, I poured out.  I told Heavenly Father everything.  I cried – even in front of my children and husband.  I prayed.  I cried while I prayed.  I let all the frustration, worry and doubt pour out of me.

My eight-year old daughter literally tucked me into bed that night.  She gently pressed the blanket around my tired body, then kissed me on the forehead and said, “I believe in you.”

The next morning, God poured back in.  My soul felt renewed.  I felt a desire to keep going.  Hope replaced doubt and I picked up the paper and pen and continued writing.

I didn’t beat myself up for crying, being sad, feeling tempted to quit.  No.  I realized the experience for what it was.  I had poured out, so that God could pour in.

While I was writing this post, I watched Hilary’s video for her title track, Say Love. I don’t think I’ll view paper airplanes quite the same in the future. I am feeling a desire to start making and flying paper airplanes. Watch her video and you’ll understand why.

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So, tell me today–how do you Say Love?

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