Maybe Today

Maybe Today You Can Achieve A Soul-Satisfying Life

Maybe Today

Is today “just one of those days?” Is your life just feeling kind of blah?

Maybe Today could be better. Maybe life could be better. Would you like your life to be more soul satisfying?

Maybe Today might be just the book you need to help you get there. Subtitled “A Simple Approach to a Soul-Satisfying Life” this little book is packed full of inspiration that includes five holy patterns to achieve this soul-satisfying life.

Each pattern is illustrated with a story and scriptural references. In addition, beautiful graphics and photographs along with inspiring quotes and thought questions are included throughout the book.

This book arrived in my mailbox at the perfect time. This is the time of year that I re-evaluate my life and set new goals. Since my spiritual life and progress is always high on my list, this year I’ll be using Maybe Today to focus on those goals.

One of the things I really liked about the book is an invitation at the end of the book to Multiply Goodness and share this book. Multiply Goodness is a wonderful website with many ideas for sharing and spreading goodness in the world. Anyway, the book suggests that you give it away. As you read it, does someone come to mind who might be touched and uplifted by this book? If so, then pass it along.

I already have someone in mind.

maybe Today

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Maybe Today: A Simple Approach to a Soul-Satisfying Life by David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman is available in hardcover from

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