5 Attention Drawing Home Design Ideas

Let The Design Speak For Itself: 5 Attention Drawing Home Design Ideas

et The Design Speak For Itself- 5 Attention Drawing Home Design IdeasIf you want your home to really stand out, then there are some great projects that will add plenty of flair to every room in your home. If you don’t know where to start, here are five attention drawing home design ideas that will really wow visitors that you have over.


Henry Walker says chandeliers are a classic addition to homes that also provide a lot of aesthetic appeal. Sure, chandeliers offer light to a home, but with unique designs and arrangements, you can also get some really attractive and special looks on the walls of your home. A chandelier is a perfect accent to the entryway of your home, making for an inspiring look that people will notice the second they walk through the door.

Storage Under The Stairs

If you feel like you have a lot of wasted space under your staircase, then consider adding shelving and hideaway closets for you to tuck things away and out of sight. Not only is storage under your stairway a great way to add valuable space to your home, but it’ll also allow for you to get things out the way instead of cluttering around your home.

Oversized Fish Tank

Having pets can be a task. But consider adding a huge oversized fish tank to your house to add a great looking design. Some people may opt for a fish tank that takes up an entire wall, or even replaces a wall and allows you to see through to the other side, while another trend has been to put fish tanks around your bed so you feel like you are continually sleeping in the ocean. The beautiful part about adding a fish tank is the fact that you can throw in some exotic fish that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Indoor To Outdoor Pool

Adding a pool to your home is great. Having a pool that starts in your kitchen and ends in your back yard, even better. A pool fusion that is installed in your home will not only add a beautiful looking element to your home, but it’ll also raise the value of the home. And with it being both indoors and outdoors, you can also go for a dip, no matter what the weather is like.

Table Fire Pit

There is nothing like gathering around a fire pit in the summer and winter evenings, hanging out with your friends and making memories. But with a fire pit inside your home, you can enjoy the same memories without leaving your couch. Electronic table fire pits allow for you to have the warmth of a fire in your home, but in a much more safe and unique way.

If you are looking for unique and innovating home design ideas that really stand out, consider any of those on this list. And with any of the ideas on this list, you’ll certainly be doing plenty of entertaining and showing off.


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  1. I love putting chandeliers especially in our living room because it gives elegance. Thank you for sharing this one.