Use Kids’ Rooms to Create Childhood Memories

Happy Humpday, Mollies! I’m so excited today to introduce you to a new contributor to Modern Molly.  Jeanette is an Interior Designer & has great ideas to share with us about making our homes and lives more beautiful and usable.  Please help me welcome Jeanette so she’ll want to stay and play!

We all have childhood memories of the places we have lived. Whether the home was modest or opulent, nostalgic feelings return upon sight of a childhood treasure, oft times from something as simple as a bookmark, doll, or color of a fabric.
I can still see the bright pink, green and yellow of the bedding and feel of the carpet in my childhood room. I spent lots of time lying on the floor wearing headphones, letting school troubles disappear as I listened to favorite songs over and over (we didn’t have shuffle on record players!).
While the room wasn’t opulent, it was mine, and a place I felt safe from the world. That is just what kids need in their environment…..a place of their own, where they feel and are safe. More than a place to play, sleep, and eat, kids need a nurturing environment where they are stimulated and can grow to their fullest capacity.
Over the years as an interior designer, I have noticed two trends; 1) kid’s rooms receive the least attention in the home, and 2) many kid’s room designs are adult versions of a kid’s room. Why?
First, parents plan to decorate but either don’t know what to do, or kids grow from one stage to another before the room is designed, or funds are limited, especially if there are many children in the family.
Second, adults impose their wants on the kid’s room, which may be beautiful to look at but be unsuitable for childhood enjoyment and inspiration. A kid’s room is not an adult room with a few well-placed toys.
These two trends are some of the reasons I decided to specialize in design of “kidspaces.” (For the rest of the story, read Why I Wanted to Create KidSpaces.) As a mother of six, stepmother of 5, and grandmother of 17 (at last count!), I have spent my life around children.
As a guest blogger for Modern Molly Mormon, I hope to share the experience, and hopefully wisdom, I have gained as a mother, combined with my expertise and love of interior design, to help parents (and grandparents) create fun, functional and inspirational kidspaces.
Watch for next month’s post: Using Heirloom Accessories to Teach Kids Family History.
Jeanette Simpson, ASID is an Interior Designer and owner of KidSpace Interiors where she specializes in commercial and residential design of children’s spaces. A graduate of Brigham Young University, an author, and furniture designer, Jeanette is mother of six, stepmother of five, and grandmother of 17. Read more of her articles on her KidSpace Stuff blog.

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