8 Secrets to Achieving Your Greatest Goals

8 Secrets to Achieving Your Greatest Goals

Goals are an important part of a fulfilling life. Sometimes, however, we get hung up on our big goals, and sometimes end up giving up instead of pressing on and achieving them.

History and literature are full of examples of those who succeeded through perseverance. Author Stephen King tossed his novel Carrie into the trash after being rejected by 30 publishers. Thankfully for the world, his wife retrieved it and persuaded him to try again.

Walt Disney was fired from an early newspaper job for not being creative enough. His first movie studio went bankrupt. And today Disney is the most well-known entertainment franchise in the world.

Great goals often come with great challenge, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t achievable. Here are the eight secrets I have learned for achieving your greatest goals.

if you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes. ~Andrew Carnegie

Be Clear About Your Goal and Your Why

Define your goal. Be specific about what you want to have happen and why. The more clear you are about your goal, the more likely it is to happen. Why do you want this goal? Is it a goal YOU want or are you embarking on this journey to please someone else?

Assuming this is YOUR goal and not someone else’s, once you have clearly defined the goal list all the reasons why this goal is important to you. The more reasons you can list the better. Having this list will help keep you motivated when your enthusiasm flags or you feel overwhelmed or discouraged.


Make a Realistic Plan

Recognize that great goals take time to achieve. Your goal should stretch you, but not beyond the breaking point. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Plan your goal realistically. Allow yourself enough time and resources to be successful.


Break it Down into Manageable Steps

Every great goal is achieved by completing numerous smaller goals. Break down your great goal step-by-step to make it more manageable and give you benchmarks for progress and achievement.


Commit to Yourself

Make your great goal a high priority in your life. Commit to work on your goal every day. You don’t need to work on it ALL day, but you must commit to consistency and perseverance. If you feel your commitment flagging, refer back to your list of “why’s.”

If you want to make your dreams come true you need to commit to them. Decide they are important enough for your time and energy.

Build a Support Crew

Everyone who has ever achieved a great goal has had a support crew. We accomplish for more together than we ever can alone. Find people who you can count on to cheer you on, help you stay motivated, redirect you when you get off track and celebrate your victories.


Be Flexible in How You Achieve It

While it is important to follow your plan, remember that it is not set in stone. Life changes, circumstances change. You may need to alter the path to your goal, but that doesn’t mean you have to alter your great goal. Allow for changes in both your methods and your timeline, and it will help you to stay focused and on track.

I can't change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. ~Jimmy Dean

Enjoy the Journey as Much as the Outcome

A great goal isn’t just about getting to the finish line. It’s also about the ways our journey to the goal changes us. Sometimes we learn and grow even more from the journey than from achieving the goal itself. Don’t get so wrapped up in the achievement of your great goal that you don’t ahve any fun achieving it. When you open yourself up the experiences you will have, the things you will learn and the people you will meet, your goal will become far more meaningful than you could have ever imagined. Enthusiasm is a powerful tool. Enjoying your journey will keep your enthusiasm high.

Don't forget to take time to enjoy the view on your way to the top.

Celebrate Your Successes

Whether they are big or small, celebrate not only the accomplishment of your great goal, but also celebrate the smaller goals that get you there. Celebrating success is energizing and motivating. As you achieve each step—and recognize that achievement—it will help to motivate and empower you and keep you moving toward that great goal.
Achieving your greatest goals may rank as one of the greatest adventures of your life. Don’t let yourself be distracted or discouraged. Follow these 8 secrets and you will find success.

What is your great goal? Share it and your secrets of success in the comment section below.

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