Let Art Be Your Voice with Havenlight Art Galleries

Let Art Be Your Voice with Beautiful Paintings from Havenlight Galleries

Let Art Be Your Voice

Room to Grow by Jenedy Paige Framed Canvas

I love art. And I love trees. Trees are art direct from God, In my opinion.

So when Havenlight Gallery offered me the opportunity to choose a piece of art as part of their Let Art Be Your Voice campaign, featuring works by artists Jenedy Paige or Dan Wilson, I knew it was going to be Ms. Paige’s beautiful image titled “Room to Grow.”

The image is a lone tree with “room to grow” as visioned by the open sky above it. I love the shape of this image and how it focuses on the upward potential of the tree. My image is a beautiful canvas in a rich brown frame, like the image here.

Unlike some of her other works, the artist did not provide any commentary with this image. So it is up to the viewer to interpret it how they want. For me, this painting appealed to me because I find great joy and peace among the trees. And one of my favorite subjects when I am out photographing is finding lone trees that seem to thrive in difficult and adverse conditions, as well as unexpected places. I see in this tree potential, tenacity, and endurance.

I love art, especially scenes of nature and wilderness. As a lifelong artist, I fill my home with art. Not only does the art of others inspire me, I am also inspired in creating art. And I allow art to be my voice when words cannot.

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Though some would say I am never at a loss for words, very often it is easier to express my feelings through art, whether my own or by sharing someone else’s.

Art is essential to our lives. I encourage you to consider the ways you can let art be your voice.

And then visit the Havenlight website to see what speaks to you. While we are featuring the art of Jenedy Paige and Dan Kennedy in this post, Havenlight Gallery represents the work of nearly 100 artists.

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About the Artists

Jenedy Paige

Jenedy Paige sees considers herself a realist in every sense of the word. She paints things as they exist, in the representational tradition, but also in the concepts behind my work. She goes on to say, “I am a truth teller. I love the classical approach to painting and its ability to so easily invite the viewer in. However, I also know the value abstraction, and the power it has to express things that realism cannot, and so I try to include both in my paintings. There is nothing I love more than a delicate and detailed figure on an expressive background.”

My paintings begin in a journal. I record my frustrations, sorrows, joys, ambitions, hopes and then I transform those words into images. You could say I very literally draw from life experience. I try to be as honest as I can in the telling, I don’t mince words. I then release the story to the canvas. And as I paint I am enabled to process the experience in a new way and to learn from it. I’m not fast, I take my time with the painting, and the lesson in it. Layer by layer I work, carefully revealing the wisdom inside.”

When it comes to creating images, I believe that simplicity is key. The more concise you can say something, the more powerful it is. So although my writing is usually lengthy, I look for symbols I can use, and try to condense my thoughts into a concise visual statement. I strive to find a shortcut right to the heart of the viewer, something that will strike them at first glance.”

When I have taken the painting as far as I can, I return to writing. And just when I think I have dissected a particular idea, when I have learned all I could, writing usually takes it one step further. Words then become the final layer to the piece. The work and the text are then offered up together to others. I then find my experiences are not all that original, as the work strikes a familiar chord in the viewer. People often place themselves inside my work, and add their story to mine, and thus my heart and the heart of my audience connect over the canvas.” View more of Jenedy Paige’s work here.

Dan Wilson

“I want to paint images that speak to and uplift the viewer, pieces that remind them of the beauties of life, the reasons for living and loving existence. Vibrant colors and brush strokes working together with the disciplines of art to create beauty and emotion you can’t achieve in any other way.” — Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson is an award-winning fine artist from Lehi, Utah. As a young boy Dan dove deep into art, always known as “that kid that doodles on everything”. After serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, those artistic passions grew as he painted full time for his major at Utah Valley University. After graduation he was taken under the wing of his mentor William Whitaker, who pushed him hard to improve his skills.  

Dan Wilson paints and teaches out of his home art studio where his beautiful wife and six children support him in his work.  View more of Dan Wilson’s work here.

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