Classic Rock Album_Jenny Oaks Baker

Classic Violin Meets Classic Rock In Jenny Oaks Baker’s New Album

Classic Rock Album_Jenny Oaks Baker

In elementary school, I was the nerdy kid who spent Saturdays at the symphony or sometimes the opera. In high school, when I wasn’t busy with marching band, I was glued to Top 40 on the radio.

So when I heard Jenny Oaks Baker’s violin rendition of “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zepplin, the original version of which still graces my playlist, I was in music lover’s heaven. Jenny’s latest album Classic—The Rock Album is a definite hit for me. Since receiving the album a couple of weeks ago, I have listened to it at least a half dozen times, including as I write this review.

While I love music, I have to confess to being only a passable musician and the violin never made my short list of instruments (I have a child, though, who is working on mastering the instrument, so all is not lost). I believe my true musical blessing was the gift of enjoyment. And this is definitely an album to enjoy.

All of the songs on Classic—The Rock Album are a beautiful reminder of the musical pleasures of my younger years. And being classics, even my children know these songs and are enjoying Jenny’s versions as well.

The full Classic Rock album playlist:

  • Liverpool Suite
  • Everybody Hurts (REM)
  • Kashmir/Four Seasons (Led Zepplin/Vivaldi)
  • You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker)
  • Scarborough Fair (Simon & Garfunkel)
  • Stairway to Heaven (Led Zepplin)
  • Fields of Gold (Sting)
  • Pinball Wizard (The Who)
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns and Roses)
  • Yesterday (The Beatles)

It is a toss-up for me whether I like “Stairway to Heaven” best (for purely sentimental reasons) or “Scarborough Fair.” The harmony of the violin and harp, and the arrangement’s melodic complexity drew me to listen to it multiple times as I picked out each part and then just enjoyed their harmonious pairing.

This CD is such a refreshing take on all these classics that I have even added it to my car collection, which means it will continue to be listened to a LOT.

If you are a fan of either the violin or classic rock, this is definitely an album to add to your collection.

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You can order your copy through Deseret Book, where it is available in both CD and digital download.

A copy of this CD was provided to me for review and my opinions are always just mine.

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