does this insecurity make me look fat

Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?

does this insecurity make me look fat

How could I not read a book with such a great title? Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? by author Michelle Wilson is a funny yet insightful look at the way women frustrate and rob themselves of a rich and fulfilling life.

We women, especially, tend to beat ourselves up and dwell on every imperfection. Some of us (not mentioning any names here) are very good at comparing the best of others to everything about us, especially the parts we don’t like. Such comparisons are counter-productive and do nothing for us except to tear apart our self-esteem and foster feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness.

The blurb on the back cover says “We have faith in God, but do we know that HE has faith in us?” I never really thought about that before.

Michelle explains that if we could really understand our relationship with God, we stop beating ourselves up and we could become confident and whole and achieve our potential as the awesome daughters of God that we are.

The book is divided into two parts: “Learn to See” and “Choose to Be.” “Learn to See” starts out with a discussion of perception and the various ways in which we limit ourselves and providing strategies to stop these self-defeating behaviors and attitudes in their tracks. From there she provides insights into understanding our relationship with God and learning what His expectations are of us. When we learn to improve our perspective, our view of life can be dramatically improved.

more important than we know

The second part of Does This Insecurity Make Look Fat? addresses choosing to become the person God wants us to be and learning how to find and embrace the joy of confidence in who we are and who we can become. I love this quote: “Our greatest joy in life won’t come from our confidence. Confidence, though, puts us in a position to do what will bring us the greatest joy: being an instrument in God’s hands for a purpose higher than our own. When we have the divine confidence in ourselves that comes from Perspective and success, we are more open to doing his will. Our willing hearts and obedient minds then qualify us to be His hands on earth.”

key to happiness

I love this idea. This is a new thought for me. Changing my perspective and becoming more confident in my faith and in my role as a daughter of God was already on my mind even before I began reading this book. Usually when I review a book, I just read it through and make a few occasional notes about things that stand out to me that I want to write about. In this book, I didn’t even make it past page 2 before I was hunting for a highlighter to mark passages and a pen to make notes in the margins.

Even though I have read this book, it is still on my nightstand—which is where I keep my current reads. I think this is a book that will need to be read more than once—and the last chapter might need to be read even more often. It’s called “A Good Old-Fashioned Pep Talk: Because we all Need One Sometimes.”

She’s right, you know.

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Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? is available from Deseret Book

Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat? is available from

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  1. Kari Pike says:

    Great review! I was interested in reading this book before…but now I know I want to get it! thanks!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review. I’m so glad you like the book! You know, I actually keep a copy by my bedside, too, and read through it for a pick-me-up. It’s not just the message, but the Spirit I feel when I read about how God wants me to see myself that is so uplifting!

    The art you created is beautiful, too. What a talented woman you are!

    Thanks again 🙂