Framing: a Photography Technique For Impact

When we think of framing photographs, we generally think of picture frames. But there is a different type of framing in photography. It is an image technique done in the camera that draws your eye and your attention to the subject of the image.

One of the really great things about framing is that it requires no special skills and no special equipment. All you need is a little patience and practice to develop the creativity to envision framing for some of your images.

Some framing opportunities are obvious, like this image of a light hanging in a window opening.

window and light

Other images might require you to walk around and look at your subject from several different angles until you find one the one that frames your subject.

st. george lds temple

Sometimes a little bit of creativity is required to create a piece of art from what might appear to be an ordinary landscape.

silhouette and tree

Creating frames isn’t limited to landscape or to the obvious. Sometimes being observant can lead to interesting compositions with unique framing.

flags in window

Another example of using positioning to create a frame for your image.  Frames are usually more effective when they are darker than the subject of the image.  The darker colors of the frame stop the eye from moving out of the photograph and move the eye back toward the lighter subject.

country path

And sometimes, frames can be created by circumstance. The two forward balloons create a triangular frame–one of the strongest elements of photographic composition–for the balloons in the back.

balloon fiesta

This is another example of the darker frame bringing your eye back to the lighter subject, in this case the sun. You can also see more examples of framing in my photographic techniques album on Marie Leslie Media’s Facebook page here.

afternoon sun

Have you tried using framing techniques with your photographs? Are there any other photographic techniques you’d like to see here.  Please leave your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.
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  1. There are definitely great framing opportunities all around if you take the time to look for them by walking around you’re subject a little bit and analysing different angles

    1. There are, aren’t there? It’s one of my favorite creativity exercises to go out and find some great framing.

  2. Thanks for the idea on how to frame pictures and sharing your techniques in photography.