badlands national park in fog

Foggy Day at the Badlands

I made a trip to South Dakota last week and got my first view of Badlands National Park. Sort of. It was the foggiest weather I have seen in many years. So foggy that I wasn’t sure I would get to see the Badlands at all. Most of our trip through the park looked like this.

Badlands in fog

Sometimes we had even less visibility. The road was also very muddy. By the time we were done, my car wasn’t green anymore. It was Badlands brown.

I had my doubts about this excursion and then we happened upon a herd of mountain goats, which made my day immensely better.

badlands mountain goat

While the fog never lifted, I still found some interesting views to photograph. As the guide at the Visitor Center remarked, I definitely don’t have images that look like everyone else’s.

badlands in fog

south dakota badlands national park

And, of course, as the “good mom” I never go on an adventure without taking pictures of some of my favorite traveling companions.

teens at badlands national park

Despite the fact that it was foggy and drizzly–and even rainy part of the time–we managed to get out and have fun and even go on a hike.

meadows at badlands national park

badlands national park in fog

This is definitely a park worth a return visit (stay tuned for our adventures at Wall Drug–yes, that Wall Drug). You can see more of the Badlands on the Marie Leslie Media Facebook page.



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