The Christmas Book is a Beautiful Holiday Gift

“The Christmas Book” is a Beautiful Holiday Gift

Merry Christmas!

Ok, so I’m a little early.

But it’s not too early to start shopping for this year’s Christmas Book.

I’m not a big Christmas collector, but I do love and collect Christmas books (and food ornaments, but that’s another post). Whether it’s a beloved Christmas story, a beautiful picture book, a charming children’s story, or a Christmas-themed novel, I have baskets of Christmas books around my house during the holidays. And yes, I do read them.

Book Cover--The Christmas Book by Phaidon Press

Every year, I look for something new and special to add to my collection. And this year it will be The Christmas Book from Phaidon. Phaidon is the premier publisher of creative arts. And this book is spectacular.

A Beautiful Collection of Christmas Art and Culture

From its brilliant red cover with a stylized Christmas tree, to the luxuriously illustrated pages, accompanied by three holiday-inspired essays. The Christmas Book is a visual feast of more than 200 thoughtfully selected and paired images from every culture and period in which the holiday is observed. An international panel of experts and enthusiasts have carefully curated this collection of paintings, books, prints, sculptures, textiles, ceramics, photography, and more. 

It features a 10th century gospel book cover embedded with ivory, precious metals and gemstones. Elsewhere, we find Henry Matisse’s Maquette for Nuit de Noël (Christmas Eve) and Andy Warhol’s Fairy and Christmas Ornaments drawings from the 1950s. The dance through the decades continues with contributions from iconic figures of the 80s and 90s such as Keith Haring and Alexander McQueen. 

Image of the Nativity by Alexander Girard
An image from “The Christmas Book”
Alexander Girard. The Nativity, c.1962. Picture credit: ©(2022) Girard Studio, LLC. All rights reserved (page 39) Painted wood, dimensions unknown. VitraDesign Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany (used by permission of the Publishers)

This extraordinary, definitive cultural Christmas companion is a must have not only for those who observe Christmas, but also for those who love art, design, history, and pop culture. The Christmas Book is an ideal addition to any Christmas collection, and gift for book lovers.

Buy the Book

You can buy your own copy of The Christmas Book (or a gift for someone you love) in beautiful hard cover from

About the Authors

Frequent Phaidon art books contributor David Trigg is a writer, critic, and art historian.

Sam Bilton is an author and food historian, writer, and cook, with a particular focus on historical recipes.

Dolph Gotelli, Professor Emeritus of Design at University of California, is an international expert and lecturer on Christmas, holiday rituals, and Santa Claus.

Learn more about Phaidon here.

Silent Night Image by Tord Boontje and Alexander McQueen
An image from “The Christmas Book”
Tord Boontje and Alexander McQueen. Silent Light, 2003. Picture credit:Designed by Alexander McQueen and Tord Boontje. Photography by Swarovski (page 59) Steel and crystal, H. 20 ft / 6 m. Swarovski Crystal World, Wattens, Austria (used by permission of the Publishers)

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