What Heaven Feels Like --Calee Reed

What Heaven Feels Like–Music Review

What Heaven Feels Like --Calee Reed

Calee Reed’s voice gives us a little taste of What Heaven Feels like in her latest EP Album release. What Heaven Feels Like is a collection of seven songs, six of which were written by Calee.

The seventh, “Come Unto Christ,” is 2014’s beautiful youth theme of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Calee has a beautiful folk-pop sound that is easy to listen to. I popped this CD into my car when I was out and about with my daughters. I always like to hear their thoughts on new music as both my younger daughters are very musical. Our unanimous favorite was the title track.

This album is a lovely musical description of the relationships of this life and their importance. Nowhere on her album is this more evident than in the title track, “What Heaven Feels Like.” This song was written by Calee and inspired by her mother, who passed away from cancer not long ago. She writes about this song and her experience on her blog. If you’d like to read this sweet account, you’ll find it here.

I have to admit my least favorite was “I Am Enough.” While I really like the message of the song, it just didn’t seem as well suited to her voice as the other tracks.

On the other numbers, Calee’s voice blends beautifully with the accompaniment—I especially like the way she blends on the tracks with guitar, and I could listen to her light airy sound all day.

This light and lovely EP is a perfect soundtrack for my summer days. It just might have to stay in my car CD player all summer. The music is light and uplifting—and even singable (did I just admit I sing in the car? Ouch! Don’t tell.)

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