watermelon-lime slush

Watermelon-Lime Slush Is an Easy Healthy Treat

watermelon-lime slushSummer is just about here and that means it’s watermelon time at our house. We love watermelon. We buy at least one huge one every week, sometimes more. All that watermelon means we have a lot of opportunities for watermelon creativity.

We’ve made many things out of watermelon over the years: watermelon fruit salad, watermelon popsicles, watermelon ice cream, watermelon cupcakes with watermelon frosting. Are you getting the picture?

Last summer, we stumbled across a new and tasty watermelon treat–and the best part of this one, besides how good it tastes, is that it’s both easy AND healthy.

Our new favorite summer beverage is Watermelon-Lime Slush.

It’s this easy.

To make one glass of watermelon-lime slush, take 3 cups of cold watermelon chunks (seedless watermelons make this so easy) and one lime. Put the watermelon in your blender or food processor, squeeze the lime into the blender–or peel it and drop the fruit in if you really love lime–blend it well, pour it into a glass and enjoy!

If you freeze your watermelon chunks before blending, it will give you a thicker slush.

That’s it. No sugar, no honey, no soda, no sweeteners. I don’t know about you, but I think watermelon is plenty sweet enough on its own–and my sweet-loving kids agree. This recipe doesn’t need any sugar or any soda added to make it sweet. My kids actually ask me to buy extra watermelons to make this cool and refreshing concoction. They aren’t asking for soda or juice boxes or sports drinks. They’re asking for healthy watermelon-lime slushes. And yes, I have normal, sugar-loving teens.

Give it a try at your house and see if your kids aren’t clamoring for more.

Happy Summer!

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