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JumpStart Your Christmas Spirit with The Santa Box Movie #Review

The Santa Box Summary

The Santa Box

For Kallie Watts, Christmas is anything but merry. For the last five years, the tinsel-strewn holiday has spelled disaster for her family, so when an apartment fire leaves Kallie and her widowed mother homeless just in time for the holidays, it comes as no surprise. There’s only one logical conclusion: Kallie carries a Christmas curse.

When her mother finds a new job in a small California town, Kallie steps out of the moving truck and into her worst nightmare: a real-life version of “Whoville,” overflowing with holiday decorations and brimming with Christmas cheer. Forced to navigate the complicated ins and outs of her jolly new surroundings, Kallie is shaken out of her gloom one day when she discovers a curiously crafted wooden Santa box on the porch, addressed to her. The moment she lifts the lid, the young teen’s life changes forever as she rediscovers the true magic and meaning of Christmas.

The Santa Box Review

Following in the time-honored tradition of sugar-sweet Christmas movies, we have The Santa Box. An excellent choice to jumpstart your holiday (and who couldn’t use that this year?), this is a family movie. About my only objection was that the antagonists in this movie are a little one-dimensional. I felt like they were almost caricatures instead of fully developed people. Being a character-driven person, that always frustrates me a little. But once I recognized my bias, I was able to move past it and enjoy the rest of the movie. Newcomer Cami Carver, in the lead role as Kallie, did well in her premiere movie role. She felt natural and believable in her role. This young woman may be one to watch.

The story moved well, and could easily keep the attention of middle-grade and older viewers. Young children might need some help understanding the relationship between Germans and Jews during World War II.

If you’re a collector of holiday entertainment as I am, you’ll want to add this movie for your family movie night. And, if you’re fortunate enough to live in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area you may even see it on the big screen beginning Friday, November 6th. Check your local listings for details on that.

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