Learn How to Live Your Life in the Zone of Totality

Learn How to Live Your Life in the Zone of Totality

Like hundreds of thousands of other Americans, I headed to Wyoming last week to watch The Great American Eclipse from within the Zone of Totality. We rolled out of bed at 3:00 Monday morning, loaded up the car with eclipse glasses (yes, they were a necessity), camera gear and snacks and were on the road to Wyoming by 3:30 am.

I could have stayed in bed, slept ‘til after sunrise and watched 92% totality from the comfort of my backyard. I actually contemplated that because I knew the traffic was going to be awful, and even though I’m a morning person, 3 a.m. is stretching it a bit. It would have been so much easier. My husband wouldn’t have had to take the day off work, and we would have missed crazy traffic—and it was crazy.

In the Zone of Totality

But someone told me that the difference between seeing 92% totality and 100% totality is about 1,000,000%. And my college students wanted to make the trip. I’d also been told that at 100% totality you see a 360-degree sunset. And the photographer in me is a sucker for a good sunset. So I went.

You know what?

The difference between 92% totality and 100% totality really is about 1,000,000%. It will rank as one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Yes, there was a 360-degree sunset. Words really can’t describe it so we use nebulous terms like awesome and amazing. As I stood in a field in the Wyoming countryside and watched the eclipse progress, I saw the shadow move across the land, experienced the change in the light and the drop in temperature and then, as we moved into those sweet two minutes of complete totality, the skies grew dark, the stars became visible, the air grew chilly, and my heart was filled with an inexpressible joy. My adult son said it was so amazing he felt “giddy.”

I did take photos, but they aren’t spectacular and I really don’t care because I was busy experiencing the event. The few you see in this post are my photographs.

As we made our way home through Nebraska and Wyoming, I began pondering on this event and its significance in my life. And I realized it’s just like life. You can stay home, sleep late and experience 92% of what life has to offer. Or you can make the sacrifice, move out of your comfort zone and head for 100% of your life. And I am learning that going after my dreams, working on my goals and striving to reach my potential 100%, is about a million percent better than the alternative.

Do you really want to stop at 92%–or less? Will you really be fulfilled with only giving it a 92% effort? Or will you spend your life wondering what might have been?

The Great American Eclipse

After making the sacrifices and putting out the effort to see the eclipse in 100% totality, I don’t have to wonder what it would have been like. And seeing the 100% difference (I’ve seen partial eclipses in the past), I have deepened my motivation to have that 100% in every area of my life and my business. I came back with an increased determination to reach my goals and renewed focus for propelling my business and my life forward.

Are You Ready to Live in the Zone of Totality?

I have decided to live in the zone of totality. It’s a great place to be. And I would love for you to join me there. If you are ready to move your life forward and live in the zone of totality for either your business or your life, click here to contact me and receive a no-obligation personal mentoring session where we can work together to help you reach your 100% and live in the abundant zone of totality.

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  1. This reminds me of the William Law quote: “If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God first, it will in the end make no difference what you have chosen instead”

    The prize for 1st place in the plan of our Heavenly Father is 1,000,000% better than the prize for runner up. You don’t win the race by committing 92%. You’ve gotta be a finisher.

  2. I stayed behind and watched at 92%. I thought it would feel more like 92%. I immediately wished I’d gone to totality because that’s where the eclipse ACTUALLY HAPPENED! I love your description of the difference being 1,000,000%. As one who stayed behind, I’m confident that’s true. Great thoughts–I appreciate the idea of living life in totality.

    1. Marie Leslie says:

      Thank you, Jennifer. Hopefully, you’ll have an opportunity in the future to see that difference for yourself.

  3. That 92% could also be described as living life in the comfort zone. As hard as it is to step outside of it, I get so much more out of life when I do!

    1. Marie Leslie says:

      Absolutely. How many of us are so comfortable in our “92%” that we just don’t feel the need to stretch ourselves and grow?