How to Streamline Your Holiday Decorations

Christmas Clutter: How to Streamline Your Holiday Decorations

The Christmas season is such a joyful time, it’s made even more special and beautiful with the decorations you place around your house and yard. It’s wonderful having these conversation pieces on hand, but sometimes you can accumulate too many, and then it’s time to declutter, get organized, and make your space look neat again. Here are some helpful tips to make that happen.

Christmas Clutter How to Streamline Your Holiday Decorations


Worn Out or Outdated

Do you have some Christmas ornaments, knickknacks, serving dishes, or pillows that have seen better days? Or maybe you have ones that went out of style several years ago. These would be good candidates for the declutter bin. If you can mend up old favorites, do, but get rid of the junky, cluttered knick-knacks that tend to take up more space, than provide warm memories.


A Few of My (Not) Favorite Things

You might have a Christmas dish set you loved when you got it, but now you hate the sight of it. Don’t feel guilty if you decide to part ways. You may even gift it to someone else, and may be just the thing they were looking for.


Broken, Shattered, and Tattered

Another way to declutter your Christmas decorations is to spot anything that’s broken or has something missing, such as an elf ornament whose hat has fallen off, or bedazzled wreaths with unglued pieces showing through. Consider finding beautiful replacements at a store like Persimmmon Lane, where you can also get advice from interior design experts on how to place and streamline your old look.

Christmas Clutter


Spare Parts

It can be handy to have an extra set of Christmas tree lights, in case your current ones break or burn out, but you probably don’t need 15 spare sets. With all your Christmas decorations, pare down to just what you need, and you’ll have a much more streamlined collection and storage space.


Decorations, Decorations Everywhere

You may simply have too many decorations on hand. They might be beautiful, and you might love them all and keep them in perfect condition. But sometimes it’s just too much to keep up with and store, and you don’t have the room to put them all up. If that’s true for you, see how you can pare down to just the items you love most and will use.

Set aside a box or bag for the Christmas decorations you plan to declutter, and consider donating them to a charity that accepts these types of items. You can quite possibly streamline your Christmas decorations in just part of a day. You’ll feel organized, and will enjoy the season even more


Once you’ve completed your decluttering project, your home will feel more organized, cheery, and ready for the holidays!

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