8 Things You Need to Toss Today (2)

8 Things You Need To Toss Today

Are you hanging on to clutter that’s passed its expiration date?

Are you hanging on to things you can’t/won’t use for any number of reasons or because you might need it someday?

While I could easily make this list a LOT longer, here are eight things you need to toss today to unclutter your home and unencumber your life. And I promise—you WON’T miss them.

Food Mistakes

Have you ever bought something that your family ended up hating and won’t eat? Yeah, me neither. Get real. Of course we all have. Why is it still in your pantry? If you have a friend who likes it (and it’s not gross) pass it along. Otherwise, say sayonara and show it the garbage bin.

Clothing Mistakes

So that new dress isn’t as flattering as you hoped it would be. And those shoes really start to pinch after a couple of hours. Why punish yourself by keeping clothing mistakes in your closet? You do realize that keeping it won’t make you feel better about having spent the money, right? And punishing yourself by hanging onto it is completely counterproductive.  Donate them to charity today. Someone else is bound to love the clothes you don’t and you can ditch the guilt along with the duds.

Toss Clothing Mistakes Today

Clothing that doesn’t fit or is out of style

Seriously. Even if you lose those 20 pounds, are you really planning on celebrating your victory over the scale by wearing jeans that went out of style in 1997? And do you really think those shoulder pads are coming back in style any time soon? When the numbers on my scale get smaller, I plan to do my victory dance in something fabulous, stylish and NEW. Let go of the past and move on. The local thrift store will happily accept your donations.

Old Cosmetics and Make-up Mistakes

Sometimes what looks fun or glamorous at the make-up counter doesn’t look nearly so wonderful under bathroom lighting. Just as with clothing, you don’t have to hang on to your make-up mistakes. If the store you bought it from has a return policy, go exchange it for something better. If not, either pass it along to someone who will use it, or toss it. Same goes for old make-up. All those nearly empty containers of make-up are probably dried up by now. And what are you keeping them for anyway? You do know they won’t magically refill themselves, so give them the heave-ho and free up space for what you will use.

toss old and outdated cosmetics

Broken Appliances

If it’s been sitting on the workbench waiting to be fixed for three months, it’s not likely to happen. And chances are, if it’s a small appliance—it’s going to be less expensive to replace it than it is to repair it. Either take it to the repair shop today or take it to the recycling center (if you can). Otherwise, it’s into the garbage bin.

Broken Toys and/or Games with Missing Parts

You know that Scrabble® game that you haven’t played in two years because all the E’s have disappeared? — it’s time to let it go. If you haven’t ordered replacement letters by now (yes, you really can do that—click here), you know it’s not going to happen. Give the remaining letters to your favorite crafty friend and clean all those broken games and toys out of the closet.

scrabble game pieces

Outdated Magazines

Nearly every major magazine has an internet archive these days. There is no reason for that overflowing magazine rack in the living room with last year’s Vogue® (all the clothes are out of style now anyways) or even last month’s People®. Keep only the most recent one or two issues and recycle the rest. Yes, you may ask your local senior center if they would like them (but don’t be surprised if you get turned down). You can also ask your child’s art teacher (ditto on the turn-down). Just get them out of your house.

Empty Food Containers

Please recycle your butter, cottage cheese and sour cream containers, etc., etc. Unless your second grader’s teacher has specifically asked for them, the world does not need your stash of used food containers.

And for the record, DO NOT donate broken stuff to your local thrift store. If it’s not usable, it’s not salable. If it’s trash, dispose of it accordingly.

And now that you’ve gotten rid of a closetful of clutter, what else have you found that needs to be added to this list? Please share your additions in the comment section below.

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