double your productivity with good better best

Double Your Productivity with Good-Better-Best

Who doesn’t want to get more done with less stress?

What if you could double your productivity without doubling your workload?

When you learn to prioritize your tasks, doubling your productivity is a frequent outcome. I don’t know about you but getting all the important stuff done without spending more time working makes me happy. It also makes me less stressed. I am all about more free time and more time for fun and relaxation.

So, I was going to write a great post today about learning to prioritize.

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Double Your Productivity by Determining What’s Worth Doing

One of the keys to being organized and productive is to determine what’s worth doing and what needs to be delegated, deferred or just dumped. One great way to do this–and a method I’ve used for years–is to divide up my to-do list by “Good-Better-Best.”

Review your to-do list to decide which items are a good use of your time and which are better. Finally, look at what is the best use of your time on that day to help you see where to focus your time and energy.

Is determining your priorities a challenge? I highly recommend Aligned Thinking by Jim Steffen which you can find on Amazon here. I read this years ago, and it made huge difference in the way I plan and prioritize. It’s a short and easy read, but one you’ll want to refer to again and again.

So, rather than make you read another lengthy blog post about all the steps you need to take to double your productivity, here’s a great infographic that spells it all out in five easy steps.

Let me know how it works for you. Did you double your productivity–or come close to it?

Rock Your Blog with These 5 Simple Tricks and Double Your Blogging Productivity

I originally published this post in 2014 and updated it in 2022.

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