remembering to say thank you

Remember to Say Thank You

thank you notes

When was the last time you got a thank you note from someone? Can you remember? Not an e-mail, not a phone call, not a verbal thank you.

Didn’t it make you feel great?

Can you remember the last time YOU sent someone a thank you note? That probably made you feel great, too.

Remembering to thank those who have helped us, inspired us, brightened our day or done business with us is an important part of building relationships, both personally and in the business world. Not only does it remind us to be thankful, but it lets those around us know that we have noticed their kindness and appreciate it, whether it is on a personal or professional level.

Gratitude is Good for Us

remembering to say thank you
Expressing gratitude and saying thank you help us become more successful and more humble.

Taking the time to stop and think about those to whom we owe a debt of gratitude is also good for us. It is good to be reminded that we haven’t achieved this success completely on our own, but that we have had help along the way, whether it is from mentors or vendors or clients.

Expressing gratitude and saying thank you on a regular basis helps us to stay humble and to keep us grounded. I also believe that gratitude is one of the keys to success in business and in life—and that it also contributes to inner peace. Gratitude needs to be expressed in order to be effective in our lives. It will mean little to us and even less to the person we fail to express it to. As G. B. Stern said, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”

Emails are great for a quick note or a question, but there is nothing like receiving a personally handwritten thank you note, whether you deliver it in person or send it by mail. That note will likely be kept and looked at. It will make an impression on the receiver and you will be remembered.  I have a file in my desk where I keep such lovely notes and, when I am having periods of self-doubt or just a tough time, I will take out that file and read through some of my notes to help me remember why I do what I do.

Write a Thank-You Note Today

In this season of Thanksgiving, set aside a few moments each day to consider who you need to say thank you to. And then, get out your note cards, pick up your pen and brighten someone’s day.


How do you feel about thank you notes and gratitude? What are you most thankful for this year? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. The written message still holds tremendous power. I like your thoughts on gratitude. Expressing gratitude for ALL of our experiences (not just the good stuff) is very important. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  2. My Mother always had me write thank you notes as a child. It was just good manners. In a way, it is sad that today thank you notes stand out as unique. I do however, recognize that in our busy lives a thank you email is acceptable. Like Wayne, I encourage clients to mail a thank you note to potential employers and others who have helped them with their career move. Unlike an email, which is often quickly deleted, a thank you card has a shelf life – proudly displayed.

  3. The research has shown that people who count their blessings live longer and are happier.

    Years ago I decided I would always tell the person teaching a SS lesson or speaking in Sacrament Meeting thanks for their message. It lets them know I appreciate their thoughts; but more than that, it gives me such a good feeling to do so.

    I do love being thankful. Thanks for the great post.

  4. Totally agree, Marie. I have found this to be true in every facet of life. When asked what makes one person standout over another when assessing candidates, many recruiters & hiring managers have told me the little things they do like taking the time to send a sincere Thank You (letter, note, or card). It may not land them the job, it always leaves an impression. Thank you for the reminder – I’ll be paying this one forward.

    1. I remember being given that advice when I was still in college, Wayne, and I have never forgotten the impact of the personal touch. Thanks for your comments–and thank you for sharing.

  5. I like to send handwritten notes frequently. I also create one-of-a-kind vintage postage stamp cards that I like to send out. I think there’s nothing nicer than a good ol’ fashioned hand-written note, on a beautiful card, sent through snail mail. Thank you for a lovely post. Cheers! Kaarina

    1. I absolutely agree, Kaarina. What a lovely way to combine your talents into a one-of-a-kind day brightener. Thanks for your comments.