Send Beautiful & Creative Online Stationery with Paperless Post

Send Beautiful & Creative Online Stationery with Paperless Post

I love cards and pretty notes. I love personal connection and I think creative stationery sends an extra boost of “you’re special.”

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Nothing makes me happier than opening my mailbox to find someone has taken the time to send me a lovely note or card or invitation. In this digital age, though, finding something special in my inbox is a close second.

Most of the time my inbox is pretty mundane: business correspondence, solicitations, newsletters, bad advertisements. And most of the time what I send out is pretty mundane. But this week I got to change that. An amazing online stationery company called Paperless Post reached out to me, and offered me the opportunity to test out their products. They offered me some digital coins to customize and send out some cards in exchange for my honest opinion of their service.

I sent a couple of cards to friends today, just to see how it works. I sent a fun thank-you to friends we recently visited, and I sent a “cheesy” card (really!) to my bestie because I thought of him and smiled when I saw it. Bonus–I was able to figure out the website, personalize and send both cards in just a few minutes. Since I have limited patience and time, that is a definite plus.

Endless Creativity in Online Stationery

Paperless Post has hundreds of designs in what seems like about that many categories. They offer online stationery options including birthday, sympathy, congratulations, invitations for every event imaginable, as well as flyers and professional cards and invitations. Additionally, Paperless Post has partnered with several world-famous designers and lifestyle brands, including Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co., and has delivered over 85 million cards to date. In other words, Wow! They have beautiful online stationery for every taste.

Once you’ve chosen your card, the real fun begins. Some cards and invitations include the option to upload photographs. All include the option to personalize the inside text and include personal notes. Some cards allow font changes on the messages. Once you’ve decided on your card and message, you can customize the email background, you can customize both the envelope color (yes! E-cards with envelopes. How cool is that?), the envelope liner, and then the front of the envelope, including the “stamp” and the font. And, you can upload your own designs as well.

beautiful and creative letters

Cards and invitations include a “reply” card so your recipient can quickly and easily RSVP to an invitation or send you a note. And finally, you can schedule when you want your cards or invitations delivered. You can send to one recipient or as many as 15,000.

And finally, you can order printed cards to be sent by postal mail if you want to do that.

A new Greeting Option to Love

After learning all this, and sending my first two test cards, I am loving Paperless Post. I have some events coming up and, instead of an ordinary email inviting attendees, I’ll be trying their invitation feature.

If you try it, I think you’ll love Paperless Post, too. If you want to give it a try, you can design and send a flyer through Paperless Post absolutely free, by clicking here. Payment for cards and invitations is done through “coins,” which start at about 50 cents each (for 10 coins) and get progressively less expensive as you buy more.

I still love my mailed notes and cards, but I am excited to now have an online stationery option for staying connected with family, friends and clients.

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