Living in the Millennium by Robert L. Millet

Living in the Millennium–Book Review

Living in the Millennium by Robert L. Millet

Living in the Millennium by Robert L. Millet is a well-researched commentary on life at the Second Coming.

I have spent so many years hearing and reading about the last days—the time leading up to the millennium—that I have never really stopped to think what it would like when we finally got to it. Other than knowing that the millennium would be a time of great peace and righteousness on the earth, pain and evil will be no more, and that the wicked would be destroyed, I have to confess I haven’t spent a lot of time pondering on what life might be like.

Much attention is given to “the signs of the times” and people are constantly writing and talking about what it will be like as we approach the Millennium, but little has been authoritatively written about what life might actually be like once the Savior returns.

Living in the Millennium, though, is not a book of speculative theology. It is, rather, a commentary. Robert L. Millet, in his thoughtful and well-researched way, lays out carefully the words of scripture and of both ancient and modern prophets to help us understand the changes we are likely to see in our lives and in our world during what will almost surely be the most amazing period of our world’s history. It is the first time, I have seen compiled together, in an understandable fashion all of the prophecies and scriptures regarding the last days.  Unlike most “last days” research I have read, I didn’t feel it at all sensationalized. I think this passage sums it up rather well:  “We have also looked carefully at many of the details and prophetic particulars of the days that lie ahead. Some of these matters are nice to know others are matter we really should know, and a few are matters we must know. It’s nice to be able to speak intelligently of the visits the Savior will make to the earth before his coming in glory.”

Brother Millet also debunks any number of myths that have arisen over the years regarding the millennium, including the notion that the only inhabitants of the earth with be righteous Latter-day Saints, and that everyone will be converted to this gospel at the second coming.  The good and righteous of all faiths (or perhaps none at all) will live together peaceably during this time. As Brigham Young said so many years ago: “In the millennium men will have the privilege of being Presbyterians, Methodists, or Infidels, but they will not have the privilege of treating the name and character of Deity as they have done heretofore. No, but every knee shall bow and every tongue confess to the glory of God the Father that Jesus is the Christ” (Journal of Discourses 12:274).

In reading this book, I find myself more and more looking forward to this glorious time with joy and anticipation, rather than focusing on the hardships and challenges that will precede the Savior’s Millennial reign. It is a book, not of gloom and doom, but of joy and hope, as befitting the Savior’s gospel with its messages of joy and hope and peace.

If you are a student of the scriptures, or if you are one who wonders about these times, this is definitely a book that will increase your understanding and give encouragement.

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You can find Living in the Millennium by Robert L. Millet at

You can find Living in the Millennium by Robert L. Millet at

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