Gears of Revolution by J. Scott Savage

Gears Of Revolution: Book 2 In the “Mysteries of Cove”

Gears of Revolution Review

Gears of Revolution by J. Scott Savage

Gears of Revolution opens with Trenton and Kallista flying Ladon the mechanical dragon high over the forests of the outside world. They are on a search for Kallista’s father, with little to guide them beyond a compass and a few clues left by Kallista’s father, inventor Leo Babbage.

Their journey leads them to strange city called Seattle, but when they get there, all they see is charred, blackened earth and holes where buildings may have once stood. Before they can get away, though, they are shot down and taken captive—at least temporarily—by a group of people who worship dragons.

They soon find themselves in the midst of a civil war between those who worship the dragons and another clan called Whipjacks. Trying to continue her search, Kallista’s single-minded focus leads them into some interesting situations. Our characters learn a lot about themselves in this book, and we learn more about them.  Like his first book, this is a thinking novel, not a mindless read. It helps to read Book 1, Fires of Invention, but it isn’t essential to your enjoyment of the book. There is enough background woven into the story to know where it’s coming from.

One of the things I really like about J. Scott Savage’s books is that they aren’t predictable. Nothing loses my interest more quickly than a book where I can figure out the ending before I’ve finished the second chapter. Gears of Revolution is full of twists and turns, action and intrigue, and it not only captures your imagination and attention from the very first page, it holds on to it until the last.

Not only that, but his writing style is very visual. I am a visual reader and so I love stories that allow me to see the characters and the action in my mind as I read. Personally, I think this series would make great movies (Hollywood, are you listening?).  It’s easy for me to see how this could come to life on the big screen—or small.

Gears of Revolution is written for the middle-grade reader, but has enough depth, action and thought to keep much older readers engaged as well. And it has dragons.  I recommend the Mysteries of Cove series for all lovers of fantasy, steampunk and dragons. And lovers of well-written, thoughtful novels.

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