do the spring fling--declutter

Do the Spring Fling–Decluttering

do the spring fling--declutter

I don’t know where you are, but where I live it is full-on spring here.

Spring is a motivating season for me. When the weather gets warm and things start growing again, I come out of my state of semi-hibernation and start feeling the urge to get things done. We plow up the garden and start thinking about what to plant this year, we begin taking care of all the little things that need to be cleaned up or repaired from winter and I start thinking about what I want to spruce up inside the house as well.

Spring means it’s time to sort through all the winter clothes before we swap them out for something cooler and lighter. And that brings me to the dungeon basement where I start thinking we have too much stuff and it’s time for a spring fling.

Do you have a spring fling at your house?

I spring fling every year. In fact, I just finished this year’s spring fling and ended up almost completely cleaning out my youngest daughter’s closet. She has grown nearly 6″ since last summer so we pretty much emptied her wardrobe. Good thing it’s half-price day at the Goodwill next week.

If the thought of doing the spring fling and cleaning out all the clutter that’s accumulated in closets and basements and garages just completely overwhelms you, I can help.

Check out this great post on decluttering simplified that I published last spring.

I’d love to hear about your adventures in decluttering.  What are your organizational challenges and what would you like help to get organized?

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