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Our Top 10 Ideas for Snow Day Fun

It’s Day 4 of no school here and finally nice enough to go outside.  It snowed a couple more inches late yesterday and that means it’s time for some Snow Day fun.  In preparation for finally being able to get out of the house, we’ve brainstormed our Top 10 ideas for Snow Day fun.

Here’s our Top Ten–in no particular order

10 Fun Ways to Spend a Snow Day

1.  Sleep in the basement, sleep late and hang out in your jammies.

Normal wake-up on school days here is 5:30 (school starts at 7:10 and we have to take Dad to work so we’re out the door early), so a snow day is definitely a vacation.  The basement is extra fun because it’s like a slumber party on a weekday, it has all the cool toys (you know, TV, games, snack bar) and it’s warmer than the first floor.

sleep in the basement
2.  Make waffles and hot cocoa for breakfast.

We LOVE waffles, but there’s never enough time on school days for fresh, hot, homemade waffles.  French toast is a close second.

3.  Eat snow sundaes.

This is definitely a kid thing, but it’s still fun.

4.  Curl up by the fire with a good book.

Preferably some mindless fiction.  Homework just doesn’t cut it.

5.  Have a snowball fight.

snowball fight

6.  Bake something yummy–like hot pretzels or fresh cookies.

7.  Go sledding.

The kids got cool new sleds for Christmas since we left their old ones in New Mexico and they are more than ready to test out those bad boys.  These are NOT the cool new sleds.

snow day sledding

8.  Make a snowman.

build a snowman

Better yet, make a pair of snowmen–well, a snowman and snowwoman and have a snowperson wedding.

9.  Make snow angels.

snow angel
10.  Drink more cocoa.

You’ll need it after the snow angels.  Don’t forget the marshmallows.  Check out all these cool shapes (the strawberry ones are heart-shaped–and yummy with chocolate).

11.  Play Monopoly.

play Monopoly

When it gets too cold to play outside, there’s nothing better than a board game that lasts all afternoon.

12.  Get out the camera.

take pictures of your snow day

Be sure and take lots of photos.  The snow won’t last forever but you want to be sure the memories do.

Oops.  That was 12.  Oh, well.  I was never much good at math anyway.

So, what are your top snow day to-do’s?  We know there’s more snow coming and we wouldn’t want anyone to get bored.

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