Nine Easy Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

9 Easy Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

Nine Easy Ways to Organize Your Bathroom Bathrooms seem to be clutter magnets. There never seems to be enough room to store everything you need. The small size of most bathrooms makes organization even more critical. Here are nine easy ways to organize your bathroom and make it more functional and more comfortable.

Corral hair elastics on a carabiner or key ring & hang it from a hook on the bathroom wall or cabinet.

Do you have girls who wear ponytails? I swear they go through hair elastics like they’re disposable. A carabiner is a great way to keep all those ponytails in one place and keep them from disappearing quite so fast. Hair clips and barrettes can be clipped onto a length of ribbon that you can hang from your towel rack. They’re so much easier to see, choose and use this way.

Hang a mesh lingerie bag from suction-cup hooks to store bath toys on a smooth tub wall.

Tired of showering with the fleet of rubber ducks? An inexpensive mesh bag from the laundry department, along with a couple of large suction cup hooks keep the ducks safely penned up and out of the way of your shower. It will also allow them to dry and avoid the slime and mildew that can build up on constantly wet bath toys.

Put a magnet strips inside the medicine cabinet door to hold small items like tweezers, scissors and hair clips.

Not enough room in your vanity drawer for all the little tools you need? A self-stick magnet strip attached to the inside of your medicine cabinet can keep all those little implements handy.

bathroom drawer organizerPlastic silverware trays make great bathroom drawer organizers. They easily organize little tubes & small personal care items.

Why spend big bucks on special drawer organizers for the bathroom?  Plastic silverware trays are just the right size to hold all those little tubes and bottles and miscellaneous that ends up in your vanity drawer.

Plastic grocery bags make great wastebasket liners. Put a few extra in the bottom of the trash can to make using them easier.

Plastic grocery bags are just the right size to be repurposed as bathroom wastebasket liners. If you’re like most people, you probably need to something with your overflowing stash. Place two or three in the bottom of the wastebasket so there is always an extra when it’s time to empty the trash. Liners make cleaning easier–and mean you aren’t likely to have to spend time scrubbing trash cans.

Put a clock in your bathroom so there is no excuse for being late. Waterproof shower clocks are great for slow showerers.

I have a son who loves the shower. More than once he’s completely emptied the hot-water heater–and once, he even fell asleep in the shower–with the water running. We found putting in a clock in the shower–and setting a timer helped him be more aware of the amount of time he was spending in the shower. He still loves long showers, but thankfully now he pays his own water bills at his own shower.

organize your bathroomReplace bathroom towel bars with hooks. It accommodates more towels & ends the need to have them hung just so.

I have four children who had to share one bathroom. Once upon a time we all shared a bathroom. It’s a little tough to hang six–or even four–towels on a single towel bar. And then one day I figured out that a coat rack with a row of hooks on it took up the same amount of space in the kids’ bathroom as the towel bar did. So I replaced their towel bar with a row of hooks and suddenly all the towels had a place–and it wasn’t on the floor.

Store cleaning products where you use them, like bathroom cleaners in the bathroom, to speed up chore time.

If you’ve got room under the sink, fill a small tote or bucket with your most-used bathroom cleaning supplies. That way, cleaning is a breeze. No hunting down the toilet bowl cleaner or the disinfecting wipes. Having the cleaning supplies close at hand makes it easy for a quick wipe down.

Take old or left over medications (and prescriptions) to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

Is your medicine cabinet filled with leftover medicine? Get it out of there. The bathroom is the worst place to keep medications. The humidity from the shower can cause them to deterioirate more quickly and lose their effectiveness. Besides, it’s taking up valuable real estate you could use for better things. Clean out the medicine cabinet–but don’t flush your old meds or toss them in the trash. Take them to a nearby pharmacy where they will be able to safely dispose of your old medications for you–and keep our water supply clean.

Toss the old or unwanted cosmetics. If you aren’t going to use them, why are you keeping them?

We all make make-up mistakes. Yes, you too. We’ve bought the wrong color lipstick, a blush that would actually make you blush to be seen in it, mascara that makes a mess and face wash that makes you break out. It’s time to let it all go and vow to make better make-up choices in the future.

So there you have it. Nine quick and easy ways to organize your bathroom. Did I miss anything? Is there an organizing dilemma I can help you solve? Please leave me your ideas, questions and suggestions in the comment box below.

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