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Eliza—The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow

Eliza--The Life and Faith of Eliza R Snow

Eliza R. Snow is one of the most prominent women in LDS history. Most of us have grown up singing hymns penned by this talented poetess and hearing stories of her life and faith. But for all the stories I have heard, I did not feel that I really knew her until I read this beautiful book.

I love books about people. Biographies and autobiographies are my favorite genre. I love to know how people think, what motivates them and what their lives are or were like. I am inspired by reading about the lives of good people. Eliza definitely lands on my list of favorites.

In addition to the story of her amazing life, Eliza includes dozens of her poems, including many that have never before been published. Eliza R. Snow was a prolific poet, often choosing to express her feelings about important events both in her community and in the lives of her friends with poetry. She penned poems to celebrate historic events, honor births and deaths and even to express gratitude and appreciation for the kindness of friends.

Eliza R. Snow

I learned much about the depth and breadth of her accomplishments, of her tireless work in the building up of the kingdom of God and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even in her later years, when no one would have faulted her for taking on a more relaxed pace and enjoying a “retirement” of sorts, Eliza continued to press on, especially in supporting the Primary, the recently formed Young Women’s organization and the Relief Society. I can only aspire to have half the drive, energy and passion when I reach that stage of life.

In addition to being a well-written narrative of Eliza’s life and accomplishments, the book itself is a beautiful presentation. With thick glossy pages edged with a subtle antique lace pattern, the book is illustrated liberally with paintings and photographs of places and events significant to the life of Eliza R. Snow. In addition there are reproductions of newspapers and programs featuring her poems, and even pages from her journals, giving the book a personal and intimate feel.

Eliza—The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow will make an ideal addition to any library, and is a must-read for any woman who wants to be inspired by an amazing role model.

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Eliza–The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow is available in both hardcover and ebook editions at Deseret Book.

Eliza–The Life and Faith of Eliza R. Snow is available in both hardcover and ebook editions atAmazon.com

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