8 Easy Hacks That Will Help You Make Laundry Day Easier

8 Easy Hacks That Will Help You Make Laundry Day Easier

Do you not love doing laundry as much as I don’t love doing laundry?

I swear it is a totally endless chore. No matter how much laundry I do, there’s always more to wash even before the last load is folded, sorted and put away.

I will admit that having a dedicated laundry space definitely helps make the chore easier. I’ve lived in homes where I have had everything from a washer & dryer in the kitchen (ugh!) to the garage (bigger ugh!) to a spacious laundry area in my basement where I can close the door and no one needs to see my laundry piles.

But even if you don’t have a laundry room of unlimited size, there are things you can do to maximize the space, cut the clutter and make keeping up with the laundry easier, if not more pleasant. Here are some of the little tricks I’ve learned to make doing the laundry a less tedious experience.

Make Laundry Day Easier

  • Teach family members to deliver and sort their own dirty laundry in the laundry room to save time. I know there are some families where kids start doing their own laundry about the time they can reach the top of the washer, but I live in the land of water conservation and find it more economical and just as quick to do everyone’s laundry together, whether I’m doing it or one of the teens is (and yes, my kids all knew how to work the washer and dryer by the time they started high school).


  • Buy a different brand of socks and underwear for each child to make sorting the clean laundry easier. This works really well when you have children of the same gender who are very close in age like I do.


  • Designate a mending basket in your laundry room & stash safety pins & a notepad nearby so family members know where to put clothes that need mending and can pin a note on it with the needed repair.


  • Fold or hang clothes as soon as the dryer stops to save time and avoid wrinkles. I know, you’re thinking life is too short for this one—but it beats ironing. If you don’t get to the laundry when the dryer stops, you can toss a damp towel in with the dry clothes for about 5 minutes and they’ll de-wrinkle enough to avoid the iron.

Laundry Day

  • Hang a rack in your laundry room for extra hangers. They’ll always be at hand and help keep your closet free of clutter. My family knows they are to deliver their empty hangers to the laundry room along with their laundry.


  • Purchase a laundry basket for each member of the family to make folding, sorting & putting away clean laundry quicker and easier.


  • Fold clean bed sheets & store them inside their matching pillowcase. This keeps everything together and makes changing the sheets a breeze.
Laundry Shelf
They’re not pretty, but these shelves in my laundry room definitely make it easier to keep all my supplies close at hand–and safely away from curious little ones.


  • Install a shelf or cabinet above the washer and dryer to store all your laundry supplies, keeping them close at hand and out of reach of your littles. Many laundry products (even the “natural” ones) can make a little person—or a big one—sick if they’re ingested.


Do you have any tricks that make doing the laundry less onerous? Please share them in the comments below.

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  1. Some really handy tips that you have shared in here. Very helpful in decluttering the area in the laundry room. Sharing it right away. Thanks for the post. 🙂