6 Tips For Protecting Your Business Inventory

Your company’s inventory is its lifeblood, and inventory losses can spell doom for many businesses. That is why it is essential for you to do everything you can to make sure that your inventory is safe and secure. Fortunately, there are fairly simple steps you can take to keep your inventory safe. Here are six tips to consider.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras are far more affordable than those sold in the past, and digital technology provides great pictures and cheap storage options. Simply having a camera reduces the odds of people attempting to steal your items. Cameras also reduce the odds of employees stealing items.

Strong Doors

Doors represent a weak point for structures, and those looking to protect inventory should consider whether their doors are as secure as possible. Again, new technology has transformed doors, and companies such as Best Doors have the latest in door technology to help keep your company’s inventory safe.

Strict Employee Policies

While employers often don’t want to think about employee theft, it’s a reality at businesses of all sizes. Employees sometimes change from bringing home pens and other small items to stealing more expensive items over time. By implementing a no-tolerance policy, companies can reduce the odds of employees rationalizing taking home expensive items.

thorough tracking is important for protecting your business inventory

Thorough Tracking

Business owners and managers often fear major heists, but small inventory losses can add up over time. It can be difficult to notice these changes just by taking a quick visual inventory, so consider implementing strong tracking at your company. Log all sales, and perform inventory counts on a regular basis. Noticing inventory anomalies early lets your find the source of the problem promptly.

Online Security

It’s easy to separate online and physical security, but the two fields are increasingly becoming the same. Make sure to keep your software updated, and implement strong password measures. Doing so ensures that employees and thieves can’t modify inventory counts to hide crimes, and it keeps businesses safe from some types of payment fraud.

Key Security

Over time, companies sometimes become lax when it comes to keys, and criminals can use this complacency to steal your company’s inventory. Ensure that only employees who need keys have them, and consider switching to new keys on occasion. Another great option is digital keys. Digital codes are easy to change, and they let businesses know when people enter the building.


Keeping your inventory safe is essential for keeping your business operating, and even insured losses take up a significant amount of time. Make sure to implement multiple layers of security to keep your inventory safe from theft, both internal and external.

KaraMKara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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  1. The inventory management process begins as soon as one has started production and ordered raw materials, semi-finished products or any other thing from a supplier. If you are a retailer, then this process begins as soon you have placed your first order with the wholesaler.