Devils Head Fire Lookout

Hike Devils Head Fire Tower For Beautiful Fall Views

Devil’s Head Tower is the last active fire-lookout tower in Colorado. The current tower was built 1n 1951, though there’s been a tower at the site since 1908. This article from the Denver Post gives a great history and background on Devil’s Head.

Devil’s Head Tower is also a great hike with spectacularly panoramic views of Colorado’s Front Range. We decided to make the hike after seeing another photographer’s fall captures.  If you’re in shape it really isn’t a difficult hike, though the 143 steps to the Fire Tower itself just might kick your backside a bit, especially at 9748 feet.

The Lookout Tower is just over an hour south of Denver and a little north and east of Colorado Springs. You can find Google Map directions here. The hike itself is a 2.8 mile round trip with an elevation gain of 940 feet.

And it’s worth every foot.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the hike.

Devils Head Fire Lookout Hike
The hike begins in a beautiful grove of tall colorful aspen.


Devils Head Fire Tower Hike
I loved the thick carpet of golden aspen leaves on the trail.


View from Devils Head Fire Tower
Once we passed through the aspen there were panoramic views at every turn of the trail. This is looking east toward the foothills and plains.


icicles near Devils Head Fire Tower
It was definitely a chilly fall day along the Front Range.


Hike Devils Head Fire Tower
And another view looking northeast into the Rockies.


Stairs to Devils Head Fire Tower
Once you reach the base of the Tower, the toughest part of the hike begins. 143 steps straight up the rock. Yes, I did have to stop and rest a couple of times. It was cold when we hiked, probably in the mid-40’s–and my asthmatic lungs are not fond of high-elevation cold air.


Sunset from Devils Head Fire Tower
Sunset from the Tower definitely did not disappoint. Don’t forget to bring flashlights for the hike back down.


Colorado Rocky Mountains near Devils Head Fire Tower
As the sun dropped below the horizon, we had even more beautiful twilight views.


Rocky Mountains from Devils Head Fire Tower
I love to see the seemingly endless Rocky Mountains. Love those beautiful views.


Twilight at Devils Head Fire Tower
And one last view of the beautiful Rocky Mountains before the light was gone.

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