12 Creatives Who Succeeded After Failing

12 Creatives Who Succeeded After Failing

One of the hardest things to accept in any venture is failure. No matter what industry you’re in, what age you are, how much experience you have, it’s inevitable that things don’t always pan out as best we hoped. But failure is all part of the process, and it’s a learning experience that we can even leverage to better ourselves. For creatives, the failure process can be even harder. Many creatives endure repeated failures before finally achieving the success they have been working for. When you have waited so long and had to overcome many great failures, success is often all that much sweeter.

In fact, famous people from all walks of earth have faced indescribable hardships and failures before going on to be successful creatives. Did you know Oprah was fired from her first job at Baltimore’s WJZ before creating the highest-ranked talk show in Chicago? And that Walt Disney declared bankruptcy before creating Disneyland? Invaluable created this neat infographic that highlights 12 creatives who overcame great failure before succeeding. Gain inspiration from their persistence whatever your venture might be!


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