Confessions of a Returned Missionary

I just experienced my 10th anniversary from entering the Missionary Training Center. I have known this was coming… I just turned 31 a few weeks ago… so I knew this anniversary was just around the corner. I have had time to reflect and wanted to share a few of those reflections here with my sisters… Continue Reading

lessons from a sparrow

It was a beautiful spring day, March of 2005. I was on campus at the university I attended. I had been battling a bout of depression, had been seeing a therapist on campus (that I didn’t really like) and was struggling. It was during class time and I was basically alone, in an area between… Continue Reading

Faith & Prayer

I’ve just been thinking all week . . . I’m thinking of my of my good friend and neighbor who has been caring so diligently for her aging father, who has increasingly become afflicted with dementia, and her family members who have had to make the most difficult decision ever to separate him from the… Continue Reading

Send a Knee Mail

Photograph by David Stoker When you send an instant message to Heavenly Father, He is always there D&C 2 Nephi 32:9 When I saw this Mormon ad I could not help but smile, what a wonderful message to give to the youth of today and the not so young. We are in such a fast… Continue Reading