Perspective of a Convert

Ever since I joined the church I’ve noticed that I look at everything differently. My perspective changed the day I made my commitment to Heaven;y Father and Christ. My marriage is different, my parenting is different, how I view other people is different, even something as simple as a trip to the mall to buy a dress is different.

I recently (last weekend) went shopping at the mall with my husband, my best friend and all of our kids (3 girls ages 6,5,4 2 boys ages 4 and 11 months). My best friend and husband LOVE to shop. I, do not! I can’t stand the mall, but I needed a dress. My best friend and I have the same birthday and we went to a Broadway ballet together. Now, I’m a “plus” sized lady, so dress shopping is a bit difficult. Dresses in my size tend to be too short or have a VERY low neck line. Both situations I’m not longer comfortable with. After HOURS, we were successful! (I know, yippee! I get to leave the mall!!)

(what do you think? Good choice?)

Another thing that has changed a bit, is after learning about our body’s being temples for the holy spirit to inhabit, my convictions to make my family healthier and my self as well have gotten stronger. Eating out less (not that we eat out much) and making healthier home made meals that I can convince the kids to eat. My girls getting are pretty flexible. They enjoy some veggies other kids don’t eat. (i.e. broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beans, etc.) Also we cut out allot of meat and white flours, and eat more fish and whole grains. And now, when I pass a coffee shop now I no longer have the urge to order the biggest cup of drip coffee offered, lol. I’m also now embarking on a new exercise regimen.

My sense of entertainment is different too. I love to google, search itunes, podcasts, youtube etc for Mormon materials. LDS joke sites, conference talks, food storage groups, BYU tv online, and cute little videos like this

and movies like:

I subscribe to e-newsletters like:

And Podcasts like

I just love our church. Exciting news. I’ve been asked to sub in Primary again!! Nothing made my day more than when I walked to Primary this morning and the CTR7-8 kids saw me and cheered that I’d get to be their teacher again. :)
Now I haven’t put any new recipes on my personal blog yet so instead I’ll leave you with a goofy pic of my girls and me.

Amanda is a happy stay at home mother of two beautiful girls. She is a recent convert to the Church and enjoys sharing the gospel, teaching and applying her newfound faith to her life. Read more from Amanda at, My Big Fat Geek Recipes.


  1. Jess says

    I remember when I was baptized.. and let me tell you…after 12 years being a member… those feelings of awe, wonderment, and new found love for life… they ndont go away!! Im still learning new things! =)

    Great post!! LOVED that you tube video… that was hilariouslly cute!!! =)

  2. Josi says

    You look awesome–have a great time. I love your enthusiasm–us life-long Mormons are so blessed by converts who remind us of how truly cool this gospel is! Thanks for sharing.

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